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Super Casting Kit

Contains everything you will need to make a mold and cast a part.


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Mini Casting Kit

Contains everything you will need to make a small mold and cast a few pieces.  Approximately one quarter of the amount in the Super Casting Kit.


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Alumires (RC-3) - Tan

A great general purpose economic resin for casting large functional, durable, and cosmetic pieces.


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Slow Set 7 - Tan

Longer open time resin that allows users to pour bigger or more intricate castings.  Great for pressure casting, spin casting, and even rotational molding.  Easily machined, tapped, dyed, filled or painted.


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Alumilite Regular - Tan/Black

Provides users with an extremely tough, high temperature resistant, rigid urethane that is incredibly easy to use.


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Alumilite's High Strength 3

Alumilite's High Strength 3 silicone mold making rubber yields a very high tear strength and is the most flexible of all of our silicones and is great for parts that have drastic undercuts.  It is also used to make 1 piece molds for parts that usually require 2 piece molds eliminating the need to clean up unwanted seam lines.


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Synthetic Modeling Clay

Reusable synthetic modeling clay that never dries out and never hardens.  Great for sealing mold boxes and claying up originals when making 2 piece molds.


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Polymeric clay that remains pliable until baked.  Sculpey hardens and becomes paintable or moldable using any of Alumilite's great mold making products.


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Super Sculpey

Polymeric clay that is slightly more pliable than the standard Sculpey product.  Caucasian flesh tone color.


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Microballoons add volume and buoyancy to your cast part. If you are looking to make your part lighter, have it float in water, or to use significantly less resin try using the Microballoons.


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Alumilite Water Clear

Alumilite Water Clear produces a high impact rigid clear casting that is commonly used for lenses, encapsulations, and water reproductions.


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